About Us

The Sunny Art Centre is a leading art institution located on the historically rich Gray’s Inn Road. The history of this location is particularly important to the identity and standards which the gallery unwaveringly aspires to. The Honorable Society of Gray’s Inn dates back to 1370 and was also home to Sir Francis Bacon as well as being where Shakespeare first performed his plays.

Sunny Art Centre organises art exhibitions with creatives from all over the world. The Sunny Art Prize provides artists with international platforms to showcase their talent and communicate with a global audience.

Press releases

Christopher Cook London Solo Exhibition | Sunny Art Prize Winner

Sunny Art Prize 2019/2020 – Prize Winner Solo Exhibition August 14 th – September 12 th 2020 Closing the 2019 edition of the Sunny Art... read more

03.08.2020 • By Sunny Art Centre

Christopher Cook Solo Exhibition | Golden Age | Sunny Art Prize

Closing the latest edition of the Sunny Art Prize is the new upcoming prize winner solo exhibition ‘ Golden Age ’ . British artist Christopher... read more

02.07.2020 • By Sunny Art Centre

Cultural extinction through the lens of Brazilian photographer Thiago Borba

Hidden Paradise | Photographs by Thiago Borba is a new solo photography exhibition opening at the Sunny Art Centre in London on Dec 3rd 2019... read more

18.11.2019 • By Sunny Art Centre

Sunny Art Prize '19 | Art & the Costs of Human Progress | Press Release

Sunny Art Prize '19 | Art & the Costs of Human Progress | Press Release We live in a world that is increasingly divided on issues surrounding... read more

07.10.2019 • By Sunny Art Centre